Experienced Game Designer, UX Designer & Writer.

I’m a game designer with over seven years of experience, specialized in gameplay, systems, narrative and UX design. Passionate about creating experiences that engage, move and inspire. Pro-active in the pursuit of inclusivity in games.

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UI / UX.

Minimal, Dynamic UI
To keep Son of Nor’s UI uncluttered, clean and simple, much of the information was conveyed through the crosshair. It dynamically changes to tell the player what kind of interactions they can have with objects, environments and other characters.

Interface Familiarity
Bus Simulator 16 delivers the experience of being a bus driver, which includes creating the routes the player drives. This mechanic has many moving parts, so to avoid overwhelming the player, I designed an interface similar to the well-known google maps to provide a sense of familiarity.

Simplification of Systems
As a strategy game, Drone Swarm has several complex RPG systems. I designed a light UI where images and icons with clear meaning predominate the rest of the content. Accompanied by an organic UX flow that simplifies these systems and makes them easy to understand.

Anticipation & Gratification
I redesigned the gacha chests in Disney Magic Kingdoms with a reveal flow that creates player anticipation by first showing the rewards’ rarities thus increasing a sense of gratification.

Clear Gameplay Vs Narrative
In The Blacklist Conspiracy, the player talks and interrogates crime suspects often. Indicators to separate sole narration from gameplay elements were designed to avoid player frustration.


Vuushaar The Fourth
Son of Nor

“Truthfully, you would be an excellent addition to the Aitharii library of knowledge.”

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Retired Driver Ben
Bus Simulator 16

“This other kid noticed I wasn’t breathing. He quickly called the ambulance and tried performing CPR.”

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Narrative Game

“I read in this Fussfeed article that most of the newest and youngest celebs were discovered through social media. If you want to get out of this hellhole you need to go viral.”

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