Hola! my name is Ricardo.

Originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador. My game career started when I became one of the founding members of Freaky Creations, the first Ecuadorian game development team.

Later, at Stillalive Studios, I co-managed the successful Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaigns for our flagship game: Son of Nor. Here, I lead the design, writing, and cinematic experience in a team of 15 developers. The fresh nature of these designs got us covered by sites like Kotaku, PC Gamer, GameInformer, Rock, Paper, Shotgun and others.

When I moved to Canada in 2015, I also moved on to Gameloft Toronto, where I started to work with larger teams and got to expand my skill set even further. I was crucial part of the team that pushed Disney Magic Kingdoms into becoming Gameloft’s top-grossing game. I’m also proud to say that my initiative and pro-active approach on diversity led to LGBT office celebrations and the integration of inclusive game elements.


Game Designer
| Gameloft Toronto | 2015 – Present

Lead Game Designer, Level Designer, Writer
| Stillalive Studios | 2012 – 2015

Level Designer, UI/UX Designer
| Freaky Creations | 2011 – 2012

  • “TOP PITCH 2018”
    Gameloft’s Innovation Initiative 2018
  • “BEST GAME 2017”
    Gameloft’s Gamejam 2017
  • Steam Greenlit
    Son of Nor, 2013
  • Kickstarter Funded
    Son of Nor, 2013
  • Great Golden Condor 2011
    AEAP, Ecuadorian Association of Advertising
  • Bronze Condor 2011
    AEAP, Ecuadorian Association of Advertising

Lectures and Publications

“Ricardo is a polite, professional designer who values the design process. I had the pleasure of working with him at Gameloft Toronto on Blacklist Conspiracy and Disney Magic Kingdoms. It was apparent that Ricardo took his role very seriously and had a genuine interest in making fun, successful games. He put forth viable, interesting game designs that improved the overall product. He accomodated artists and understood the implications of his designs on the art team. It is easy to recommend Ricardo as a video game designer.”

Jeff Martin3d artist @ Ubisoft Toronto

“One of the most creative, professionally flexible people I've worked with!

Coming from a background of smaller studios, Ricardo was able to mesh extremely well with a much larger team, and generate great content as directed! With his work history and ability to work well with teams of people from all over the world, it's clear that he speaks the international language of game design very well.

He also wrecks house in Super Smash Brothers!

All around, I highly reccommend Ricardo as an addition to your team. Dude is clearly a team player who loves to design games!”

Michel SeguinFlash Scripter @ Gameloft Toronto

“Ricardo and I worked together on "Son of Nor" with Stillalive Studios– he as a game designer, level designer, and writer, and I as the composer for the game's music. I found both Ricardo's problem solving skills and positive attitude to be exemplary. Whenever there was an issue, he'd quickly return a simple and elegant solution that improved the gameplay. On top of that, he's a joy to be on a team with. He is positive, a go-getter, and cares about everyone's work no matter what the discipline.”

Mike SkalandulasMusic Composer @ Stillalive Studios

“I've worked with Ricardo on 2 projects at Gameloft. One was The Blacklist, the other was a group project made for an in-studio game jam. Ricardo is a great designer. He has unique ideas, but also keeps in mind similar games and competitors when designing a game. His designs are clearly laid out and he leaves room for others to suggest ideas or expand on features. He also has a very good eye for UI and UX. I love working with him and I hope to work on more projects together in the future.”

Cassandra SiewertGame Programmer @ Gameloft Toronto

“Ricardo is an extremely talented game designer with outstanding imagination, high professionalism and dedication. It is my pleasure to recommend him. Ricardo will be a valuable asset to any organization or project that can catch his interest. ”

Mila LovtsovaProject Manager @ Ubisoft Toronto

“Ricardo has won every year's company Halloween costume contest out of at least 15+ participants while I was with him in Gameloft Toronto. That tells you something about his creative design. On the technical side, I have created a complex scripting system for our branched story driven game Blacklist Conspiracy. Ricardo had no trouble adapting and using it to create our entire story line. At Gameloft, we had dynamic and changing schedules often. Ricardo met and handled them well. On the social side, Ricardo is friendly and very approachable. I would recommend Ricardo, and be happy to work with him again on any creative work.”

Simon CheungGame Developer @ Digital Extremes

“I have never worked with such outstanding talent as Ricardo. We both worked together on The Blacklist Conspiracy and Disney Magic Kingdoms project at Gameloft. Being from different departments it is expected to have a bit of a bumpy ride when working with people of other departments, especially design. But, whenever I had to work with him, it was amazing how smoothly the work would flow. I also thought that his input was really creative and well-designed. Would totally recommend him!”

Oleg Lovtsov3d Artist @ Ubisoft Toronto

“I worked as audio director while Ricardo was responsible for game design, level design and story writing at stillalive studios. We worked closely together while working on levels, defining sound scapes and needs for enemy characters, locations and secrets / puzzles. It was great and productive figuring out and seeing how levels came to life and it really shows in the final product.”

Christoph PolusAudio Director @ Stillalive Studios